22 April Field Trip

Dear Parent/Guardian,

On Wednesday 22 April 2015 we have planned a field trip to Jungle Island at Lake Elsinore, CA.

Cadets with no equipment

Cost:  $45.00 which includes:

  • Admission
  • Rental gun and air tank
  • Mask
  • Full tank of air
  • All day air
  • Transportation
  • Food & Drink

Cadets with equipment

Cost:  $30.00 which includes

  • Admission
  • All day air
  • Transportation
  • Food & Drink

6 April – 13 April  Cadets must produce a downloaded copy from Infinite Campus their grades from each class and have no “F” grade prior to securing a seat for the Field Trip Event.

Payment will be provided to

GOALS/AFJROTC – 22 April Field Trip

In the event your child cannot attend the event, you may request, in writing re-imbursement.


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Update from LTC and MSgt



22 April Field Trip Lake Elsinore (see Parent Letters)

29 April - Seniors turn in uniforms


8 May - Rachel's Rally Security at GOHS

14 May - Military Awards Night for JROTC ALL ATTEND in PAC

21 May - All enlisted/NCO cadets turn in uniforms (Cadet/Officers keep uniforms)


4 June Graduation ALL 2015/16 Officers - Security & Color Guard 1800 - ?


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Distinguished Unit with Merit

Military Ball

Junior Class "Exploring Space" project

The Junior class will be required to complete a project by 29April2015. The project will be "Exploring Space Topic Presentation" each Cadet has already received a paper with the requirements on how to complete this project.  

United States Coast Guard Trip

AFJROTC Shirt Sale

Not a fundraiser

Vice-Principal Shelly Graesser Annual 5k Run

Vice-Principal Shelly Grasser Annual 5k Run

MCRD Graduation - Special Thanks to Corporal Coley

Thanks Corporal Coley

Cadet Of The Month Winners

Tony Tobin Starry Night

Drill Practice information

Drill Practices officially ended Tuesday 10 March with a Pizza Party in honor of our successful year!

Colors will be presented by a designated team for Military Ball, Awards Night and Graduation. 

Thank you to the dedicated!



Senior class 2015 of AFJROTC, as you all should know from paying attention during class, many of you should already be starting your Senior Projects (Major Grade) DUE 7MAY2015. Many of you should be aware  we will be having our awards night on 13May2015, It is required that every senior bring me a piece of paper with their Name, Rank, what colleges they applied to and were accepted to , and if not college, what is their plan of action after graduation to put in a power point, and also bring me a picture of the college, and  separate themselves,  that all will see on awards night, my fellow Seniors, we have worked hard for four awesome years and we get a night to acknowledge our hard work. Thank you for your continuous hard work and cooperation. -Cadet 1st Lt. Lauren Brannan



Veterans Day Parade 11-11-2014

March Air Force Base Field Trip, Firefighter obstacle course


AFJROTC Juniors At the Great Oak Tree 10-1-14


Kitty Hawk tutoring was created to help cadets to obtain academic success at GOHS! Any cadet struggling, or in need of extra assistance in ANY class will receive help upon their request. Kitty Hawk takes place at lunch time in the JROTC classroom every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. 

We encourage cadets to take advantage of Kitty Hawk.

If cadets would like help, please contact any Kitty Hawk Staff: Cadets Paquette, Longhurst, Shulte, or Spechinger. They are in the JROTC classroom every Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday. 

Cadet 2nd Lt. Lauren Brannan Goes to Washington,DC represents Great Oak High School,and Great Oak AFJROTC;earns 3 college credits and certificate.

9-12-14 Homecoming Football halftime;AFJROTC 9-11 rememberance run on

AFJROTC supporting wolf pack football

AFJROTC supports Great Oak football at our homecoming game 8-29-14

Link to our photo album


Lt Colonel Cardin-Hoffdahl, SASI

CMSgt William Jones - MSgt Macias, ASI's


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