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Cadet Guide 2014/2015
Posted by: Lt Colonel Cardin-Hoffdahl
Published: 1/29/15

Leadership Education I
Posted by: Lt Colonel Cardin-Hoffdahl
Published: 1/26/15


If you have office/classroom chairs - JROTC is in need of 30

Wheeled wagon to roll sports equipment from the classroom to the field.

Solid backed 6 ft tall shelving units

Saloon doors

Sports equipment ...more

Update from LTC and MSgt



Basketball Security: Dates  28 January, 30 January, 4 February, 11 February

30 January Freshman Field Trip to Camp Pendleton (all day)


2 February - Fundraiser kick off!

7 February San Jacinto High School Color Guard Competition

11 February Field Trip to USCG, San Diego - Sophomore Classes

23 February - Fundraiser ENDS!

24 February Cadet of the Month Board 1430 at GOHS/JROTC classroom

28 February VRMS 5K Run (Running/Walking/Manning Stations/Warm Up/ Color Guard)


12 March Spring Showcase Security 1800 - 2100 hours

13 March Annual Military Ball @ Pechanga Resort & Casino 1800-2300

17 March Cadet of the Month Board 1430 at GOHS/JROTC classroom



14 May - Military Awards Night for JROTC ALL ATTEND


4 June Graduation Security & Color Guard 1800 - ?


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Distinguished Unit with Merit

AFJROTC Shirt Sale

AFJROTC Shirt Sale

MCRD Graduation - Special Thanks to Corporal Coley

Thanks Corporal Coley

Cadet Of The Month Winners


There will be a Mandatory Officer meeting on February 2. 2015 at 0745 if you can not attend please E-mail Cadet 1st Lt. Brannan or bring a note on why you could not attend.

Tony Tobin Starry Night

Drill Practice information

Parents and Cadets involved in Drill, Practice days are as follows: 

Tuesday - 2:45 to 4:00

Thursday - 2:45 to 4:00

Cadets will be informed if any changes in the Drill Schedule early through text, E-mail, Or Meeting.(Practices May extend to Wednesdays and 5 o'clock practices when requested by the Drill Commanders)

Our Commanding Officers In Charge are as Follows:

Rifle Team (Martin Cabrera), Unarmed Team (Dakota Whitson), Color Guard (Daniel Hunt), Drill Team XO (Jarrod Frank), Drill Team C (Matthew Evans)



Senior class 2015 of AFJROTC, as you all should know from paying attention during class, many of you should already be starting your Senior Projects (Major Grade). Many of you should be aware  we will be having our awards night on 13May2015, It is required that every senior bring me a piece of paper with their Name, Rank, what colleges they applied to and were accepted to , and if not college, what is their plan of action after graduation to put in a power point, and also bring me a picture of the college, and  separate themselves,  that all will see on awards night, my fellow Seniors, we have worked hard for four awesome years and we get a night to acknowledge our hard work. Thank you for your continuous hard work and cooperation. -Cadet 1st Lt. Lauren Brannan



Veterans Day Parade 11-11-2014

March Air Force Base Field Trip, Firefighter obstacle course


AFJROTC Juniors At the Great Oak Tree 10-1-14


Kitty Hawk tutoring was created to help cadets to obtain academic success at GOHS! Any cadet struggling, or in need of extra assistance in ANY class will receive help upon their request. Kitty Hawk takes place at lunch time in the JROTC classroom every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. 

We encourage cadets to take advantage of Kitty Hawk.

If cadets would like help, please contact any Kitty Hawk Staff: Cadets Paquette, Longhurst, Shulte, or Spechinger. They are in the JROTC classroom every Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday. 

Cadet 2nd Lt. Lauren Brannan Goes to Washington,DC represents Great Oak High School,and Great Oak AFJROTC;earns 3 college credits and certificate.

9-12-14 Homecoming Football halftime;AFJROTC 9-11 rememberance run on

AFJROTC supporting wolf pack football

AFJROTC supports Great Oak football at our homecoming game 8-29-14

Link to our photo album


Lt Colonel Cardin-Hoffdahl, SASI

MSgt Macias, ASI

___________, ASI

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Annual Shoe/Clothing Drive - FEBRUARY FUNDRAISER

The cost of bus fare to transport cadets to and from field trips is 100% generated through fundraising. With 2 confirmed field trips (Freshman 30 January to MCRD, San Diego, as well as Sophomores to Coast Guard San Diego Sector on 11 February) funding will be accrued through a "Popcorn Sales" drive starting 3 February and culminating on 27 February. There is another field trip in the works....Military Ball needs funds for decorations. Six sales per cadet will produce 6K!  Let's shoot for the stars!!!!

The final results are in!  The annual shoe/clothing drive will have brought in $1,730.24 - that's almost enough to pay for the January and February scheduled field trips to San Diego. Much appreciation for those who supported!