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AS-1 Power Point Presentation Project (Freshmen)

Due Date: All presentations must be completed from 1 May- 27 May, 2016

A Journey into Aviation History presentation


Topic: Favorite Aviator or Airplane

Must have flash drive or upload from school e-mail. BE READY.

DO NOT e-mail your presentation to me.

Each slide should have photographs to entertain your audience.

Every slide should have imagery, be creative!

Proof your presentation for editing errors, spelling, grammar, etc. Present yourself [eye contact with the persons in the room and be confident!] Sound bites & graphics are good to engage your audience.

Grading Rubric:

50% will be presentation based on the rules of this page- 50% will be PowerPoint

Presentation must be completed within 4 minutes [I will use a stop watch which begins as you introduce yourself]. If your presentation is less than 4 minutes, you fail [ PREPARE] If over 4 minutes, 10 points per 30 seconds [REHEARSE]

Slide1- Introduce yourself: "Good Morning- my name is Cadet..... and the following presentation is based on my research" You can post where you've researched... internet, library, magazine, museums, textbooks, etc., ( at minimum 3 locations.... not Wikipedia) You can also post a selfie.

Slide 2- Introduction of airplane or Aviator (choose between the years 1900-1939).

Slide 3- Provide a brief history of your topic(airplane or person).

Slide 4- How did your airplane or aviator perform or contribute to their field?

Slide 5- Did your airplane or aviator participate in wartime and/or peacetime/ or both?

Slide 6- Name the missions or services rendered.

Slide 7- Did your airplane or aviator participate or work for any countries other than U>S>A>?

Slide 8- What materials was the airplane made of or, what clothing/equipment did the aviator wear while flying?

End your presentation with "This concludes my presentation, do any of you have questions?"


Practice, Practice, Practice




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JROTC Events



6 May- Nice Matters Rally 

16 May- Golden Bear Theater Color Guard  




FRESHMAN BBQ August 9 2016

Corps Gift to LTC during summer break - thanks so much!


AFJROTC Unit received Distinguished Unit Award from our fourth consecutive inspection!!! Great Job Cadets!!

2016-2017 Top 4

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GOHS Graduation

Chick Fil A Military Appreciation Event

Harley Davidson- Cook Out

USS America Field Trip

16 April 2016 Drill Meet

Military Awards Night

Multi-Copter Team

Multi-Copter Team

United States Coast Guard Trip 10 February 2016

Military Ball

Principal Horton thanks Mr. Shurance for his generous support of AFJROTC's Quad-Copter Program!


Number of Shoes: 1550      = $1085.00

Number of Clothing: 5776  = $1039.68

                                               Total   = $2124.68

2015/2016 Parent/Guardian letter from Mrs. Christine Weimer

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Welcome to our new incoming students and their families and welcome back to those returning.  We are looking forward to an exciting and busy year here in the JROTC program.  This program does amazing things for our youth, and I am happy to help out this year as the parent contact.

By now, cadets have received 3 sheets of paper for your signature and review.  These should have been returned on Wednesday, August the 19th

Be sure to check the AFJROTC web site http://gohs.tvusd.k12.ca.us/AFJROTC,  where you can review the most current information available to the JROTC program. [Directions to the above site are as follows:  GOHS school website, then PROGRAMS, second program down is JROTC.

Important Items to remember:

  • Service Hours: Cadets are required to perform community service for JROTC, which is approved by the JROTC staff as a scheduled event, and counts towards the 40 hour graduation requirement.  Be aware that some events fall on a weekend/holiday and after school hours.
  • Uniforms:  Currently being distributed. USAF PT shirts are available GOHS/AFJROTC.  PT shorts are available at GOHS/AFJROTC, or cadets may wear Navy Blue, Red, or GOHS athletic PT shorts.   Proper shoes are athletic shoes [NOT Vans, skate shoes, boat shoes, flip-flops….].  Your child’s safety is paramount!  Military blues are currently being exchanged and distributed amongst the 4th year, 3rd year and 2nd year cadets.  If they have outgrown their black oxford dress shoes, bring the old ones back and the cadet will be re-issued a larger pair [only 1 pair per academic year].  Some ABU’s are available at the GOHS/AFJROTC, however, if parents wish to acquire some for the cadet, a letter from the JROTC staff can be provided to purchase ABU’s at March ARB.  ABU’s are also available at the Rancho Army/Navy Surplus on Jefferson St. in Temecula.
  • Drill:  Will commence in September.  Cadets will be bringing home guidance.

When you sign the paperwork your child has taken home, you will have acknowledged reading the Cadet Guide for AY 2015/2016.  There are some specific items to target:  Uniform policy, fitness adherence to standards, and disciplinary action, which can include dismissal from the program.

9th of OCTOBER IS THE FINAL DAY OF THE ANNUAL SHOE/CLOTHING DRIVE:  Please clean out your closets and ask friends and neighbors to do the same!  If you want a flyer to pass out in your neighborhood please email me and I will get it to you right away to print and distribute. Items need to be placed in BLACK garbage bags please!   The monies appropriated for this fundraiser pays for transportation to and from field trips.

AFJROTC staff emphasizes “Chain-of-Command” where decisions are resolved at the lowest level [if there’s an issue, go through the cadet class leaders, then corps leaders, and then staff]. We are teaching our children respect and leadership and that starts with us their parents and guardians.

If you have questions throughout the year please email me and I will do my best to get you the answer.  I would ask for your patience, as I am a working parent and do this as a courtesy to help support this fantastic program.  I look forward to getting to know you and making this an incredible year!


Yours truly,

Christine Weimer


Link to our photo album


Lt Colonel Cardin-Hoffdahl, SASI



CMSgt William Jones, ASI



MSgt Macias, ASI


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