Mission Statement

AVID Students.....................

-will succeed in rigorous curriculum

-will complete a rigorous college preparatory path

-will enter mainstream activities of the school

-will increase their enrollment in four-year colleges, and

-will become educated and responsible participants and leaders in a democratic society 
AVID is a commitment to your future. You can see the AVID student agreement here. 

AVID Class Materials

Cornell Note Help

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Testing Requirements


Register for PLAN
register durning summer registration for the PLAN





register during summer registration for the ACT





register online, take PSAT by December





register online for SAT I by October

Take SAT II by April of your senior year

AVID Homepage


Prepare those Binders: 

Part of your ability to be successful in AVID is organization!

As such you will need to following supplies: 

one 3 inch binder (AVID requires that you keep all classes in one place)

6 dividers (one for each of your classes)

Writing utensils including ALL of the following: pens, pencils, highlighters

Writing materials: lined loose paper for your REQUIRED Cornell notes

GOHS will provide you with a planner, but if you have specific tastes, you may want to look into purchasing a planner.

AVID Course Level Focus

AVID 9: 

Reading and Writing within Cornell Notes and Organization 

College Research: What types of colleges are there? What does it mean to be a _______ College/University? 

AVID 10: 

Reading and Writing within TRF/Tutorial and Organization

College Research: In depth research on any college in the CSU or UC system.

AVID 11: 

Reading and Writing within Inquiry and Levels of Questioning

College Research: Dream school through safety net school and the places to apply.

AVID 12: 

Reading and Writing within Synthesis and application of Cornell Notes, Organization, TRF/Tutorial and Inquiry

College Research: Applications and Scholarships. 

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First Generation-First in Family to go to College

AVID CLUB 2014-2015

Join us in promoting college and career readiness!

The AVID club meets every wednesday to discuss fund raising, community service and spreading the AVID word around campus.  Come join the AVID club in room 902.  

Meet our 2014-2015 AVID Tutors

 The GOHS AVID Students and Teachers would like to welcome our new tutors!  We are very excited to work with you all year!

Jessica Zarate--Cal State San Marcos

Elizabeth Escamilla--Palomar

Tina Mihoc--Cal State San Marcos

Daniella Magana--

Rebecca Henson--


AVID partners in Commit to Student Success!

Accepting Applications

Interested in Applying?

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GOHS AVID Application

Deadline to Apply: March 20, 2015.

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Peer Tutoring!

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Interested in becoming a peer tutoring and earn community service hours?

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 Become a Peer Tutor and earn community service hours!

Online Tutoring

Information on Intervention at GOHS, getting help from teachers, and academic resources - visit GOHS Counseling Tutoring/Intervention Page

Andrade, Erin
Leadership / AVID Teacher
Dickinson, Julianne
Intervention Support Specialist
Ramirez, Herschel
Social Science Teacher
Scharf, Jennifer
English Teacher

Cornell Notes and the importance of REPETITION!

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