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Thursday 4/24 3:00-9:00

CSF Officer Applications

Officer Application Form

Fill out the above form and submit it.  

CSF Officer Explanation of duties and requirements

Applications due April 29th.


Military Appreciation Day Video

Check this out!  Interviews from our Military Appreciation Day.



Community Service Opportunities

See the minutes page for opportunities

CSF Fall Active Status

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If there is a problem with your status, see Mrs. Arban after school any day.  



Current Senior List - check to see where you are for qualifications of an award

All 4 Years Active/Non-Active Status for Class of 2014

CSF Award Qualifications and Awards

 Lifetime Members:  Defined by four semesters of CSF membership in grades 10-12.  STARTING NEXT YEAR: One semester must be based on senior grades. 

Award:  Certificate and seal on diploma


 Lifetime Plus Members:  Defined by four semesters of active CSF membership in grades 10-12.  STARTING NEXT YEAR: One semester must be during senior year.

Award:  Certificate and tassel and seal on diploma


 100% Members (Highest Honors):  Defined by six semesters or more of active CSF membership in grades 9-12.  STARTING NEXT YEAR:One semester must be during senior year.

Award:  Certificate in cover, golden cord, tassel and seal on diploma

CSF T-shirts

Fundraiser opportunity: - Buy a new CSF T-Shirt


Counts as a fundraiser for this semester.

Want you to wear it at the military event.

Pay the bookkeeper.  Keep your receipt.  T-shirts should be available next week!


CSF Meeting Locations

Freshmen: Boyatt (same as before- 357)

Sophomores: Cam (room 355)

Juniors: Gigliotti (room 358)

Seniors: Ricken (Room 359)


CSF Community Service

In order to keep the integrity of being a CSF member, our club requires that in order to be an "active" member of CSF, you must perform your CSF community service hour requirements with the club at CSF club sponsored events.  Each week at the meeting we provide a list and explanation of the upcoming opportunities of CSF sponsored events.  In addition, the events are posted on the CSF facebook page and on this website in the minutes section and the events section. If you have an event you want to be CSF approved, please use the CSF approval form below.  

You can still be a member of CSF without being active, solely based on your GPA.  See the awards section to understand how that can affect your senior award status.  

Here are the requirements for being an "active" member for CSF"


*10 hours of CSF approved events

     *only 2 hours can be from donations

*1 Fundraiser

All community service hours need to be in a "CSF sponsored" event. This means you must get approval before the event takes place or you perform the hours in order for it to be counted as CSF approved.  Click on the following form to apply for an event you want to be approved: 


CSF event approval form


Community Service Form - Please bring this form with you when you complete your hours in order to get the supervisor to sign you off!!!  Mrs. Arban and Mrs. Ricken can not sign you off on something that we did not see you at.  


2013-14 CSF Officers

President:  Elizabeth Kim  elizkimsoo@gmail.com
VP:  Jared Henningson and Scott Bostock jaredhenningson@hotmail.com scottybostock@gmail.com
Secretary:  Carlos-Roberto Chiu runnerchiu@yahoo.com
Treasurer: James Sorge drop3b@gmail.com
CSD:  Natalie Bayer & Aimee Solano


CSF stands for the California Scholastic Federation.  We are a scholastic club with a community service element.  There are scholastic qualifications to be part of this club.  Please see the CSF application to see if you qualify.  You can be a member of CSF without participating in the community service portion, however you will not be considered an "active" member.  Non-active members can not qualify for as many awards at the end of their senior year as the active members.  We encourage all members to be active, but please be aware that if your schedule can not accommodate attending the community service events, then we suggest being a non-active member. We only allow three unexcused absences per semester. If you have more than three, then you will not be active for CSF for that particular semester.   In order to qualify as an active member you must attend the meetings and get 10 hours of CSF sponsored community service per semester. Talk to an officer or go to our Facebook page, Great Oak CSF, where our president has posted a continuous list of CSF-approved community service events. If you do not get 10 hours of service, you can participate in three recorded CSF events per semester to remain active.

CSF Advisors

Diana Arban darban@tvusd.k12.ca.us

Aimee Ricken aricken@tvusd.k12.ca.us


General Information