Reporting an Absence

 A Parent/Guardian needs to clear all absences by either:

 · a phone call to our Attendance Line
 · a note sent to the Attendance Office
 · or a visit to our Attendance Office
 We must receive one of these within 48 hours of your students' absence. 
 After 48 hours, if we have not heard from a Parent/Guardian, all absences will
 then be marked as Truant. 
          24 Hour Attendance Line @ 294-6451  

 Please leave the following information:

  • Student's full legal name (we have MANY students with the same or very similar names!!)
  • grade
  • reason for absence
  • your relationship to the student
  • a phone number where we can reach you as we do verify calls and notes occasionally.

To Speak With Someone In Attendance:

  Please call 294-6450:
 MaryAnn Haflich - Attendance Clerk - ext. 2066
 Laura Ho - Part Time Attendance Clerk (7:30-11:30) - ext. 2067
JoAnn Casey - Part Time Attendance Clerk (11:30-3:30) - ext. 2067
 Cheryl Neff - Attendance Technician - ext. 2077
 Ingrid Taylor - Assistant Principal,  Attendance Administrator, ext. 2059

Attendance News

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