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Jared Boyatt Locker

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Mr. Boyatt - Pre-AP English 9


Upcoming Assignments

Ongoing Assignments - Make sure you have the Literary Devices list memorized (first semester) and the Rhetorical Devices list memorized (semester 2).  Both will be on the final exam.  Links are on the left hand side of this page under "Terms to Memorize"


There is a NoRedInk.com lesson assigned every Monday.  Students have until Sunday night to finish it.  (Most lessons are set up to take about thirty minutes.)


To Kill a Mockingbird --   The reading schedule for the novel is listed in the links to the left.  This is an important novel.  I want EVERY student to read this novel cover to cover.  Our reading pace is very slow.  You can probably knock out all of your reading during SSR.  At the completion of the novel, you will sign an Honor Statement admitting if you read the book or not.  Yes, credit will be given for that statement.  


We will be participating in Literature Circles throughout the next month.  (I explained the literature circle packet on Wednesday, March 22.)  You will meet with your group at the end of every six chapters.  You will have a specific role assigned to you for that meeting.  If you do not have your materials completed when you walk in the room, you will not receive any credit for that section.  Please be prepared.  

9th Grade Reading Texts


House on Mango Street

(Sandra Cisneros)


Romeo and Juliet

(William Shakespeare)



West Side Story

(Irving Shulman)


Old Man and the Sea

(Ernest Hemmingway)


To Kill a Mockingbird

(Harper Lee)



(Elie Wiesel)


Please cut and paste the links to your ePortfolio and your Rhetorical Device slide show into this spreadsheet.

The tabs for each period are at the bottom of the spreadsheet.

On your page, click "Share", then click "Get Shareable Link", and click the option that people can "View" it.  (You don't want them to be able to edit your work.)



Setting up a Remind.com Account

Would like to receive reminder text messages from Mr. Boyatt?


If you are in Pre-AP 9 (Periods 1-5):

    Text @mrboyat to 81010     or click https://www.remind.com/join/mrboyat


If you are in English 9 (Period 6):

     Text @mrboyatt  to 81010     or click  https://www.remind.com/join/mrboyatt


(Yes, I know those look the same.  The difference is that the Pre-AP classes only put one T in my name, and the other class puts two.)

Setting Up a No Red Ink Account

Go to www.NoRedInk.com


Click "Sign Up" --> Then click "I'm a Student"


Enter Your Class Code:

Period 1  xvhwx9mh

Period 2  h8veh9vh

Period 3  9v97kxdv

Period 4  77k87kew

Period 5  cvd3wdm8

Period 6  amhhevh3


Click on "Sign up with Google Account"  (It will be linked to your TVUSD account)


How will we use the site in English 9?

I will give you a diagnostic test.  (No Grade assigned) The results will show me what areas we need the most work in.

Based on those results, I will assign practice for you to master those standards.  (Grade assigned)

When the practice is completed, I will assign a "Quiz" to ensure mastery. (Grade assigned)

Then we will start the process again with another diagnostic test to find problems areas.


Troubleshoot:  Make sure you are using your SCHOOL Google account, not your personal one.   ID Number@my.tvusd.k12.ca.us



Period 1 - Class ID 13125751  Password  wolfpack

Period 2 - Class ID  13125764  Password  wolfpack

Period 3 - Class ID  13125768  Password  wolfpack

Period 4 - Class ID  13125770  Password  wolfpack

Period 5 - Class ID  13125778  Password  wolfpack

Period 6 - Class ID  13378679  Password wolfpack



Steps to Submit an Essay in Turnitin.com

  1.  Log into your account and click on the class name
  2. Find the assignment that you want to submit and click the blue “Submit”
  3. Make sure the dropdown menu at the top says “File Upload” (there is rarely a scenario that you will use the “Cut and Paste” option
  4. You will need to add a title to you submission (Put the title of your essay on that line)
  5. Click “Choose from Google Drive” and then locate your essay and click  “Select” (Make sure that you are logged into your school Google account, not your family's personal account)
  6. Click “Upload”.  It will ask if you if that is the paper you want to submit. 
  7. It will confirm that your paper has been submitted.  (You don’t need to write the confirmation # down)

Preparing for college?

Here are the books that appear most often on the AP Literature Exam.  If you're looking for a book to expand your cultural literacy, this list would be a great place to start.



Book List.jpg




2013Per1A.JPG 2013Per2A.JPG 2013Per3B.JPG 2013Per4a.JPG 2013Per5c.JPG 2013Per1B.JPG 2013Per2B.JPG 2013Per3c.JPG 2013Per4b.JPG 2013Per5a.JPG


DSC01729.JPG DSC01739.JPG DSC01747.JPG DSC01751.JPG DSC01733.JPG DSC01743.JPG DSC01748.JPG DSC01754.JPG




10111.jpg 10112.jpg 10113.jpg 10114.jpg


09101.jpg 09102.jpg 09103.jpg 09104.jpg 09105.jpg 09106.jpg 09107.jpg 09108.jpg 09109.jpg 091010.jpg


08091.jpg 08092.jpg 08093.jpg 08095.jpg 08094.jpg 08096.jpg


07081.jpg 07082.jpg 07083.jpg 07084.jpg 07085.jpg 07086.jpg


06071.jpg 06072.jpg 06073.jpg 06074.jpg 06075.jpg


05061.jpg 05062.jpg 05063.jpg 05064.jpg 05065.jpg 05066.jpg

Misc. Older Pictures

misc1.jpg misc2.jpg misc3.jpg misc4.jpg misc5.jpg misc6.jpg misc7.jpg misc8.jpg misc9.jpg