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Michael Cornelius


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Welcome to my class. On the left side of the page, you will find links to the courses I teach. I will post notes, homework, and other resources to help you.


Please feel free to contact me at mcornelius@tvusd.k12.ca.us or by phone at 951-294-6450 ext 3609.

Links to Helpful Math Videos

Virtual Nerd App for Android and Apple

Virtual Nerd Pic.PNG

Patrickjmt (all math all the time)


Khan Academy


Khan Academy SAT Prep


Recommended Scientific Calculators

     TI-30XS                CASIO fx-300ES PLUS   



Not Recommended


TI 30Xa.jpg

Math Video Links by Topic


Linear Equations

Solve 2 Step Equations

Solve Multi-step Equations

Solve Equations with Parenthesis

Equations with Variables Both Sides & Fractions

Number of Solutions for a Linear Equation

Linear Equation Word Problems

Equations with Fractions


Function Introduction

Evaluate a Function

Intro to Domain & Range

Domain & Range of Advanced Functions

Recognizing Functions

Intervals of Increase & Decrease

Function Composition

Function Inverses

Piecewise Functions

Shifting & Reflecting Functions

Square Root Functions

Interpreting Graphs of Functions

Function Word Problems

Graph Linear Equations

Graph Lines Using Intercepts

Slope of a Line

Graph Slope-Intercept Equations

Write Equations of Lines

Systems of Equations

Solve Systems Graphically

Solve Systems Using Elimination

Solve Systems Using Substitution

Variations on Systems

Systems Word Problems

Absolute Value

Solve Absolute Value Equations

Solve Absolute Value Inequalities

Absolute Value Graphs


Multiply Binomials & Polynomials

Factor Simple Expressions

Factor Quadratic Trinomials 1

Factor Quadratic Trinomials 2

Factor Difference of Squares

Finding the Vertex of a Parabola
Watch only until 2:40

Graph Parabolas in Vertex Form

Solve Quadratics - Square Roots

Solve Quadratics - Completing the Square

Solve Quadratics - Quadratic Formula

Solve Quadratics - Complex Roots


Polynomial End Behavior

Polynomial Division

Synthetic Division

Factoring Sum & Difference of Cubes

Factoring & Roots of Higher Degree Polynomials

Polynomial Remainder Theorem

Fundamental Theorem of Algebra

Zeros of Polynomials & Their Graphs

Equation of a Polynomial Given Roots

Rational Equations

Multiply & Divide Rational Expressions

Add & Subtract Rational Expressions

Solve Rational Equations

Extraneous Solutions of Rational Equations

Graphing Rational Function 1

Graphing Rational Function 2

Exponents & Radicals

Basic Rules of Exponents

Simplifying Radicals & Rationalizing Denominators

Rational Exponents & Radicals

Rational Exponents & Properties of Exponents

Exponential & Logarithmic Equations

Exponential Growth and Decay

Graphing Exponential Functions

Modeling with Exponential Functions

Logarithmic & Exponential Graphs

Graph Logarithmic Functions

Solve Logarithmic Equations

Continuous Compounding & e

Sequences & Series

Introduction to Sequences

Arithmetic Sequences

Geometric Sequences

Modeling with Sequences


Angular Velocity

Unit Circle Quadrant 1

Unit Circle All Quadrants

Graph of y = sin x

Features of Sinusoidal Functions

Amplitude & Period

Amplitude & Period 2

Law of Sines

Law of Cosines

Solve Simple Trig Equations

Solve Trig Equations with Quad Formula 1

Solve Trig Equations with Quad Formula 2

Solve Trig Equations with Quad Formula 3