Greg Alix

Algebra 2, Integrated 2,

JV Football Coach

[email protected]


Erin Andrade

Algebra Essentials, Algebra 1,


[email protected]


Bobby Arban  

Integrated 2, Pre-Calc

Assistant Golf Coach

[email protected]



Jeff Aynesworth

Geometry, Accelerated Pre-Calculus, Integrated 1

[email protected]



Alicia Brennan

Algebra 2
Head Girls Soccer Coach

[email protected]



Sarah Cisneros

Algebra 2, Integrated 2, Pre-Calculus

[email protected]



Michelle Clabaugh

Algebra 2 Pre-IB, Accelerated Pre-Calculus, Modern Math

[email protected]


Michael Cornelius

Algebra 2, Trigonometry

[email protected] 



Suzanne De La Fuente

Geometry, Integrated 2

[email protected]


 Robert Fitzpatrick

Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Calc AB

[email protected] 



Jim Jackson

Algebra 1, Integrated 1, CAHSEE Prep

Freshmen Football and Head Swim Coach

[email protected]


David Little

 AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, IB Math SL

[email protected]



Shannon Maurice

Algebra Essentials, Algebra 1
Head Girls' Basketball Coach

[email protected]  

 Maxey Pic.jpg

Steve Maxey

Integrated 1, AP Stats, IB SL Studies,

[email protected]



Chris Meglio

Geometry, Algebra 2

[email protected]


 Eric Morton

Algebra 2, Pre-Calculus,

Head Boys' Baseball Coach

[email protected]



Chris Shore

Department Chair, TOSA

Algebra Essentials

Head Boys' Water Polo Coach

[email protected]

 Villar Pic.jpg

Reuben Villar

Algebra Essentials, Algebra 2 Pre-IB

[email protected]



Michael White

Accelerated Pre-Calculus, AP Calculus BC, IB Math HL, Algebra 2 Pre-IB

[email protected]

Tyler Wood

Integrated 1, Geometry, Prob Stats

Track and Field Throwers Coach

[email protected]