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Reminder - review steps top to bottom and skip any step that you already have completed or already know that info. We encourage you to completely review the info under each step to insure you are aware of resources and have considered the info prior to moving to the next step.

1. Create a resume with Naviance Resume Builder and save it in Naviance and you can print it at later time or print pdf/save to your google drive.

2. Search the Internet for job openings. Consider places you might want to work at in Temecula area, or if you are moving after high school - the area you are moving to. Do they have job openings? Are they accepting applications and/or resume's. 

3. Search the Internet and find a job application for a company that you are interested in applying to and work on completing the application. If it is an online application then start working on the application online. If you are not able to fill in all the information at this time, then save if it allows you to. If not then print/pdf/save in your google drive or take a picture of what you have completed with your phone to save info for later. If it is printable application ask your teacher if you can use their computer to print it out to work on during this class time.

4. If you are not able to find an job application to work on then you can work on completing a sample online application or a sample paper application. Work on the online application and print/pdf and save in google drive or take picture/s of completed work with phone or ask teacher if you can print the paper application from their computer. 

  • Sample Job Application - ask your teacher if you can print it from their computer or use your own paper to write down headings and information to use for future job applications. 

5. Review the following Job Interview recommendations and information.

6.. Identify Career/Major you plan to pursue. If you are undecided/unsure on career/major plan - please complete at least one of the career exploration options below before moving onto next step.

  • Undecided on Career/Major Option 1 - Complete Naviance Career Interest Inventory. Login into Naviance - select the "About Me" tab and then scroll down and click on "Career Interest Profiler" and complete the questions on this assessment.
  • Then when done with the questions and the results show - click in middle center of page - "View Matching Occupation List" - and review results and use sheet below to help identify next goal.
  • Naviance Career Interest Profiler Worksheet . Print sheet or just follow directions and use your own paper to complete questions to keep your information and better remember your information.
  • Career/Major Option 2 - O'Net Career Profiler - Go to http://www.mynextmove.org/explore/ip - and follow O'Net Activity Sheet to complete the research and reflection activities. 
  • Career/Major Option 3 - ASVAB Fall 2015 Results and Processing on the GOHS ASVAB Page - You were given copies of your ASVAB Summary Sheet with Access Code  to their website for exploring careers based on your results. If you can not find your copy from the sheets then stop into the Counseling Office to request a copy of your results. Use the following links to help guide you in exploring careers with your ASVAB results.
  • GOHS Counseling ASVAB CEP PageASVAB Summary Results Sheet - Access Code is on lower right of your sheet. If you completed both the 3 hour ASVAB Aptitude Exam last year and the Score Interpretation Workshop in the PAC with chrome books, then you should have results saved in their website. Go to the http://www.asvabprogram.com/# site and enter your access code. Then work through their site to complete the Exploring Careers Worksheet and the My Educational and Career Plan Worksheet - either print or use your own paper the write your answers and reflections down to save and review. 
  • ASVAB Tutorials to help guide you if you have any problems following info above.