Counseling Support Staff

Amador, Danielle
Counseling Technician
Fimbres, Josie
Counseling Technician
Mares, Irene
Counseling Technician
McGreevy, Monica
Counseling Clerk
Shilts, Paula
College and Career Center
Wetteland, Karla

Contact Counselors

Class of 2017, Counselors
Shani Santiago & Rachel Roedl
Class of 2018, Counselors
Amber Preston & Dawn Roppe
Ferrer, Michelle
Counselor 9th, 10th, and AVID
Moore, Keith
Counselor 11th, 12th and AVID
Nielsen, Susan
Counselor 9th Grade L-Z
Roedl, Rachel
Counselor 9th Grade A-K
Shepherd, Craig
Counselor 12th Grade
Sypniewski, Richard
Counselor 12th Grade