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Welcome to Great Oak High School PE 1 (Freshman PE).  


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Fitness Assessment Sheet PowerPoint - Keywords, Components, and Principles of Fitness




First Semester Online Exam



State Testing



The state of California requires all Freshmen to take the California State Physical Fitness Test.


The following categories are tested.

Mile Run / Push-ups / Curl-ups / Sit and Reach / Trunk Lift / BMI (Body Mass Index)


 The state testing window is during February and March of each year.  


Refer the the following website for the test standards:

California State Physical Fitness Standards


Body Mass Index Chart


Mile Run




Students are expected to pass 5 out of 6 categories. Score requirements are based on age/gender.  

Click BMI Chart above to look up your BMI.  BMI is a mathematical calculation of your height and weight. BMI is a category that Great Oak Physical Education does not grade, however, the state of California does use this as one of the test categories.