PE 1 Freshmen



Freshman Syllabus

The state of California requires all Freshmen to take the California State Physical Fitness Test.  Students will be tested in the following areas in March of every year.  

Mile Run

Sit and Reach 

Push Ups

Curl Ups 

Trunk Lift


Click on each test to see what score you need to pass that portion of the test.  Students are expected to pass 5 out of 6 categories. Score requirements are based on age.  

Click below to see where you fall on a BMI (Body Mass Index) chart.  BMI is a mathetical calculation that computes what your ideal height to weight ratio should be.  BMI is a category that Great Oak Physical Education does not grade however the state of California does use this as one of the test categories.  BMI can move higher or lower based upon how much you weigh or how tall you are.

Body Mass Index Chart