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Welcome to Great Oak High School PE 1 (Freshman PE).  


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Fitness Assessment Sheet PowerPoint - Keywords, Components, and Principles of Fitness



State Testing



The state of California requires all Freshmen to take the California State Physical Fitness Test.


The following categories are tested.

Mile Run / Push-ups / Curl-ups / Sit and Reach / Trunk Lift / BMI (Body Mass Index)


 The state testing window is during February and March of each year.  


Refer the the following website for the test standards:

California State Physical Fitness Standards


Body Mass Index Chart


Mile Run




Students are expected to pass 5 out of 6 categories. Score requirements are based on age/gender.  

Click BMI Chart above to look up your BMI.  BMI is a mathematical calculation of your height and weight. BMI is a category that Great Oak Physical Education does not grade, however, the state of California does use this as one of the test categories.